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Our Vision

Our Vision at Wilderness Wellness Chiropractic is to help create naturally healthy and fulfilling lives for the people of Duluth. We believe that you have a greater potential to love, serve, and live your sole purpose in a higher state of health.

Wil·der·ness \ˈwil-dər-nəs\ n. 1 a natural environment that is not significantly altered by human activity


We believe that true health can only be achieved by the inborn ability of the body to heal itself and not by the use of drugs, surgery, or outside interventions. That is why we use a full-body approach to find the exact cause of any health issues and then continue to provide the care necessary for as long as you want to be well.

Well·ness \ˈwel-nəs\ n. 1 state of being in good health


Health is your greatest asset and we will give you the education and tools needed to protect it for the rest of your life. We are here to help all members of the Duluth community to live vibrant, healthy lifestyles to get more out of what they love. 

chiropractor duluth


Chiro·pract·ic \ˈkīrəˌpraktik/ n. 1 treatment of misalignments of the spinal column, held to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs.


We focus on specific care of the spine to improve how the nervous system works so that it can facilitate the body to prevent and reverse poor health. Using a variety of techniques that best suit our patients, we create a natural environment of optimal function within each and every one of them. Find out more about why Chiropractic is a key component to any healthy lifestyle!




Wilderness Wellness Chiropractic Duluth

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"Chiropractic adds life to years and years to life."
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